10 Best Down Jackets Reviews (With Buying Guide)

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If you are in a hurry and want to find the best down jackets, we recommend The North Face (for men) and Columbia (for women) as the best.

Being cold is one of the worst feelings you can experience while traveling. Furthermore, extreme weather conditions might limit visiting raw nature if you can´t protect yourself from them. 

Down jackets are the perfect travel companions to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. You might consider electric blankets to keep you warm if you’re driving.

Did you already do your research and find the market too crowded? 

Don´t worry. We did the hard work for you and came up with a verdict. 

Read on, choose wisely, and never be cold again (regardless of the weather).

In this article, we’re going to review the best down jackets for your next outdoor trip:

Best Down Jackets For Men

The North Face Men’s Altier Down Triclimate Jacket

THE NORTH FACE Altier Down Triclimate Jacket - Men's TNF Black/TNF Black Medium

Little has to be said about The North Face as a brand. They design and manufacture some of the greatest adventure clothing in the world. 

This two-piece model features an underneath, thermal, tighter jacket, and rain-proof overcoat. 

The 550-fill power goose down that fills the under jacket works great for not-so-extreme weather conditions (-10C max). It is also lightweight and waterproof. 

Although it probably fits perfectly with just a T-shirt, it is too slim of a fit for any heavy layering. The overcoat is a great addition to the combo, being a little heavier and bigger. 

You can wear them separately at different times of the year, too.

Suppose you are not traveling somewhere with extreme weather conditions and can benefit from the flexibility of two coats instead of one for different temperatures. In that case, this coat is definitely for you.


  • Two-piece jacket
  • Light-weight, waterproof under the jacket
  • 550 goose down filling


  • Slim fit doesn´t allow heavy layering
  • Sleeves can be a little too long

Eddie Bauer Superior Down Jacket For Men

Eddie Bauer Men's Superior Down Parka, Black, Large

Eddie Bauer was a guide, and you can tell his experience reflects on the design of this parka. It is classic down-filled and can withstand temperatures down to -40C. 

The water and wind-proof design and the (very easily) detachable hood make it perfect for keeping warm even in the coldest snowstorm. 

Speaking about the design, though, pockets could be angled so one´s hands will slip in more comfortably. You have to extend your elbow because of the parka design. 

Besides that, it is crafted with the highest-quality materials, and the attention to detail is superb.

Since it is a loose fit, it works great for men wearing more layers of clothes or not liking slim-fit coats. Since it is good for -40C, you can confidently take this parka anywhere.


  • Great materials, attention to detail, and craftsmanship
  • Detachable hood
  • Withstands weather as low as -40C


  • Pockets can be uncomfortable
  • The loose fit might not be for everybody to shape

Marmot Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket

MARMOT Men’s Guides Hoody Jacket | Down-Insulated, Water-Resistant, Lightweight, Jet Black, Large

Marmot has been around crafting top-notch adventure clothing since the 1970s. This winter puff jacket pays homage to that long path with great features. 

To begin with, the 700-fill power works great at keeping you warm in extreme temperatures while being highly compressible.

Also, the zippered, hand-warmer pockets are great for mountain climbers´ stiff and cold fingers. Finally, the Angel-Wing design by Marmot allows for perfect, natural movement while being warm against any storm. 

The one thing that can be considered a flaw is the noticeable difference between the filling in the chest and the arms. 

This means that while you might be sweating with the center part of the jacket, you can feel cold in your arms.

This Marmot jacket is great for those chasing adventures in extreme weather conditions because it allows you to move and hike as if wearing a much lighter jacket, keeping you warm at all times.


  • Angel-wing design
  • 700 fill power
  • Zippered, hand-warmer pockets


  • Noticeable warmth difference between arms and chest
  • A little too loose for slim wearers

Tapasimme Men’s Down Puffer Jacket

Tapasimme Men's Winter Warm Down Coat Men Packaged Down Puffer Jacket Long Coat with Hooded Compressible (Medium, Black Long)

This is a very long coat designed to go past the knee line of the person wearing it. 

It also features an adjustable hood, making it a perfect outfit to protect the entire body in extreme weather conditions. 

The wind-proof cuffs and the water-repellent fabric are also great for stormy weather. 

The only flaw is that it is a unisex design for both genders but feels like a woman´s piece due to the small fit for the size and the reverse zipper. 

That being said, the double zipper and the internal pockets make this a very comfortable long coat.

This coat will be a great ally if you travel where stormy and cold weather is expected.


  • Double zipper
  • Extends past the knees
  • Adjustable hood


  • Small fit on the top part
  • Reverse zipper

Eddie Bauer Men’s Peak XV Down Jacket

Eddie Bauer Men's Peak XV Down Jacket, Ascent Blue, Large

This Eddie Bauer model is made for high climbing and arctic temperatures. The fill power is 800, keeping you warm to -40C.

The thick Cordura waterproof cover is just perfect for any weather that might come your way. Indeed, the I-Beam Baffle technology distributes the down evenly inside the jacket, avoiding cold spots.

Also, the large number of internal and external pockets makes it very practical for high-tech climbing. It is a jacket that can´t be worn for casual occasions because it is far too warm, and there is no detachable inner part.

You´ll find a great adventure companion in this jacket if you are a seasoned hiker or climber. It is not recommended for casual wear; it´s too warm.


  • 800 fill power
  • RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified
  • I-Beam Baffle Construction for even down distribution


  • Far too warm for casual wearing
  • Cordura exterior is heavier and less packable than other materials

Best Down Jackets For Women

Columbia Women’s Hexbreaker Long Down Jacket

Columbia Women's Hexbreaker Long Down Jacket W/Thermal Reflective Warmth

This Columbia jacket takes the concept from the above model (OMNI-HEAT and OMNI-SHIELD technology) and takes them one step further by adding responsibly sourced goose down at 600 fill power. 

This feature makes this jacket suitable for more extreme weather conditions. The waist is adjustable, and the comfort cuffs make the design look great. 

Also, the zipped inner and outer pockets make this jacket the perfect companion for traveling to places on Earth that offer extremely harsh conditions. 

On the not-so-good side, the exterior layer is a tad thinner than other Columbia products, making it prone to snagging.

If you do not go climbing and hiking on trails offering threats to the exterior fabric, you´ll be more than fine with this coat. It is a great companion for city tourism.


  • 600 pure goose fill power
  • OMNI-HEAT inner construction
  • Adjustable waist


  • Outer layer rips easily

Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Down Parka

Eddie Bauer Women's Sun Valley Down Parka, Black, Large

This long parka by Eddie Bauer will keep you warm due to its 650-fill power and half-thigh length. 

The dual front zippers work perfectly throughout the extent of the parka in four sizes: petite, regular, tall, and. 

The fur detail on the hood is trendy, and due to the premium down, this is not a heavy parka to roam around with. 

The water and windproof outside material are paramount to keep the insides dry and warm even in the harshest weather. On the negative side, the top part and the pockets can feel too tight for most users.

This parka can be a great companion when traveling to extreme temperatures and aiming for a more touristic approach, including city tours and sightseeing. 

If you go full-on climbing, maybe you should get a more sports-oriented model.


  • Half-thigh length
  • Dual front zippers
  • Trendy hood


  • Tight measures in the chest and pockets
  • Hood is non-detachable

London Fog Women’s Chevron Coat

London Fog Women's Chevron Coat with Faux Fur Trimmed Hood, Black, X-Large

This London Fog model is a good option when it comes to warm coats that are trendy and well-designed. Indeed, the company has been around since 1923, and the leverage of the last century is present in this piece. 

It is a polyester shell filled with 50% down and 50% feather that works as a waterproof and cold-proof coat in harsh weather conditions. 

Although the hood is detachable, its faux fur gives the trendy touch the coat needs. 

On the negative side, pockets are thin nylon sleeves that don´t add any warmth to the hands, and the zipper can be considered somewhat small for the overall size of the coat.

Women looking for an everyday coat in countries with harsh winters or looking forward to traveling for extended periods can benefit largely from this coat. It is not suitable for extreme adventuring.


  • Trendy design
  • 100% polyester water and windproof material
  • 50% down and 50% feather filling


  • Nylon-sleeve pockets
  • Small zipper

Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket

Columbia Women's Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket, Dark Seas, Medium

This hooded jacket is just another proof of what Columbia can do when they apply high-tech garments to their pieces. 

To begin with, the jacket’s interior is made of OMNI-HEAT technology, which reflects on body heat and dissipates moisture to keep you warm and dry. 

The outside is made of OMNI-SHIELD, dirt, and water-repellent fabric that not only repels moisture but also is very hard to get stained. 

Finally, it is a lightweight coat with two zipped external pockets and an internal one to help you carry important documents safely while traveling.

Columbia tends to run smaller than other brands on the not-so-good size, so beware of the size when purchasing.

Although unsuitable for extreme temperatures (-20C and below), this jacket is an excellent travel companion for most situations. 

It is comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof, with just the right design to fit everything you need.


  • OMNI-HEAT technology is warm and light
  • OMNI-SHIELD technology to keep you dry and clean
  • External and internal pockets


  • Not true to size when compared to other brands
  • Can’t withstand extreme weather

Tommy Hilfiger Chevron Quilted Packable Down Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Mid-Length Puffer Hooded Down Jacket with Drawstring Packing Bag, Black, Large

This model by Tommy Hilfiger was designed with the traveling consumer in mind. You can easily fold it and make it fit into a tiny drawstring pouch. 

Also, the front zipper goes all the way through to create a stand-up collar that protects you from harsh weather along with the hood. 

The slim fit of the trendy design is great for enhancing the female figure while wearing a long, warm coat. 

Finally, it features a pair of hidden, zipped side pockets that are handy while traveling to store important and valuable items. 

On the downside, no feather distribution technology is in place, so it can be a tad annoying to be freezing on the chest while super warm on the back and vice versa.

If you prioritize comfort and look great, having an extra warm jacket with an even feather distribution, this jacket is perfect. 

Otherwise, you won´t be satisfied with it.


  • Slim, perfect fit
  • The front zipper creates a stand-up collar
  • Hidden zipped side pockets


  • Uneven feather distribution is common
  • It can easily be snagged.

Down Jacket Buyer’s Guide

Before we get started with the candidates, let´s review some key terminology so we are on the same page.

Fill Power

Downfill power is a measurement taken in a laboratory. The test requires an ounce of down placed inside a glass cylinder and pressed by a certain weight. 

The down´s ability to bounce back is what calculates the fill power. The number can be anywhere between 400 and 900. 

It sounds nice, but what does it mean for you? 

The higher the number, the more efficient the down is. Thus, the smaller amount you need to generate the same warmth. The resulting jacket will be more compressible, warmer, and lighter.

For extreme outdoor temperatures, you should aim at 600 and above. 

On the other hand, for lighter weather conditions, you can get a jacket anywhere between 400 and 600.


A down jacket can be made of real down insulation or synthetic one. Both approaches have pros and cons; let´s go through them so you can make a better-informed decision.

Natural Down:

  • Better warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Compress well and pack small.
  • Very efficient at heat retention
  • It takes a long time to dry once wet.
  • Requires special cleaning
  • On the expensive side

Synthetic material:

  • Easy to clean
  • Usually dries fast once wet
  • It is cheaper than natural down.
  • It needs more weight to provide the same warmth.

If you are looking for extreme warmth and need to pack light for hiking, you will be better off with natural down. 

If weight is unimportant, you´ll travel for a long time, easier to clean and cheaper to replace; a synthetic jacket could be a better choice.

Learn more about how to wash your down jacket here.


Warmth without proper waterproofing is a recipe for disaster. 

While most high-end down jackets use a very light external material to reduce weight, they are prone to ripping and suffer abrasion. 

A thicker covering material could be a much better choice for wearing during longer periods or daily during winter. 

If your down jacket gets wet on the inside, it won´t be enough to protect you from extreme weather. Plus, natural down takes a long time to dry. 

A good, thick, waterproof layer on top of your jacket is a definite winner in most scenarios.


These might seem like major issues, but they can be in terms of the aesthetics and fit of the jacket.

Check if it has standard sizing since some jackets, for example, are oversized. Meanwhile, some down jackets include a few color options, and others offer several.


Down jackets/coats tend to have several pockets on the exterior and interior of the outerwear. 

If you’re using your jacket for applications like work or skiing, you’ll likely want a jacket with extra pockets.

You can even find “media pockets” for storing mobile phones and media players.


Down outerwear is available in different forms. They include jackets, coats, and raincoats. 

The general style is related to issues like the amount of fill, length, and casual/formal design.

When picking down outerwear, it’s critical to consider these issues to pick the right style. 

For example, you might need a light down raincoat for cold/rainy days or a heavy parka for frigid below-freezing days.

Related: Backpacking In the Rain: A Comprehensive Backpacker’s Guide.

Real/Fake Down

Some outwear labeled “down” jackets/coats technically include faux down fill. 

You might want to pick down made from feathers or faux/fake down for issues like health conditions or animal-friendly issues. It’s up to you to select one or the other.

Some jackets contain synthetic down and faux fur around the hood. This provides the look and feel of fur but avoids using animal hair.


You can sometimes find lifetime warranties for down jackets, but usually, they’re available for X years. If they’re limited, make sure to find out what they cover. 

Usually, this includes defects due to material or manufacturing issues.


This is based on a wide range of factors. They include the jacket’s/coat’s brand, style, fill, pockets, and water resistance. 

You can save money through price comparisons, sales/discounts, and free/discounted shipping.

Remember that a quality fall/winter jacket/coat is an investment. Spending hundreds of dollars might be worth quality down outerwear you can wear for years.

Product FAQs: Some Common Questions

What is down?

Down is the soft/warm under feathers of ducks and geese. It’s a good insulator since the loft (fluffiness) produces small air pockets that trap warm air and hold heat. 

This is a plus in cold weather when below-freezing temperatures and winds can produce frigid environments.

What are some features of down jackets?

Some are quite common. Hoods add extra warmth as well as extra bulk. Cuffed waist/wrists help to retain warmth. Pockets are good for keeping your hands warm and storing things like goggles and phones.

What are the main kinds of down jackets?

They include “sewn through” and “box baffle.” Sewn-through is more common and usually the cheapest kind of down jacket. They have less material and are easier/cheaper to make.

Then there are box baffle-down jackets. This maximizes the downfill’s loft/warmth. Each baffle contains its area of down. This minimizes cold spots and maximizes loft. Baffle box jackets are often pricier.

Is it down better than synthetic insulation?

It’s important to note that each has pros and cons. For example, down is lightweight, retains heat well, and packs small. Meanwhile, synthetic insulation is cheaper and easier to clean.

Some vegans also avoid buying clothing with animal products, so they prefer synthetic insulation. How should a down jacket fit? It shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Make sure you can add layers of clothes underneath.

However, too much space would cause air to get through the arms. Another factor is these jackets tend to be somewhat heavy, so you’ll need extra room for mobility. Read down vs. synthetic jacket to learn more.

What’s downfill power?

This is related to the down’s “fluffiness” and insulation. Higher fill power means the down has more air pockets and makes the jacket more insulating based on its weight. 
Fill Power ranges from 400-450 (medium) to 750-900 (excellent).

The Verdict

Dressing properly is paramount when traveling in harsh weather or extreme climatic conditions. 

Regardless of the magnificent landscape, if you are shivering, your experience will not go into your memory as “amazing.” Thus, the perfect jacket can solve that and be a game-changer when enjoying outdoor adventures.

We´ve come a long way on our take on the best down jacket for travel, which was quite a ride. 

We went through every model we thought covered a different style and need and hopefully gave you all the info you need to make a wise, informed choice.

If you are wondering about our verdict, let´s say that for men, the perfect choice would be The North Face Men’s Altier Down Triclimate jacket because of its versatility. 

You can wear them separately in different climates, featuring water and windproof technology. 

In the case of women, we chose the Columbia Women’s Hexbreaker Long Down jacket because it is the perfect mix of high-tech construction and a classic goose-down interior. 

Wearing it while traveling, you can keep warm and dry with a lightweight, trendy-looking coat.

We hope you enjoyed this piece, and remember that a well-prepared traveler always gets the most out of every location. 

Make memories that will last a lifetime, and avoid shivering from ruining that selfie with the right coat.

Happy traveling!

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